Retro first layer real cowhide zipper multi-card short men's wallet
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Return and exchange instructions

  • ✱You are entitled to a seven-day period of appreciation, commencing from the date of receipt of the goods, including a holiday within seven days of receipt of the goods, and no refund, refund or exchange service can be provided beyond the seven-day period of appreciation.
  • 1.The returned goods must be in a completely new state and complete packaging (including the integrity of the goods, accessories, packaging, cartons and all accompanying documents or purchases, gifts, etc.) shall not be scratched or dirty.
  • 2. Return and Exchange Notes: The returned goods must be restored to their original state, that is, to the original state when you receive the goods (including host, accessories, internal and external packaging, random documents, gifts, activities gifts, etc.)
  • 3. The following circumstances may affect your right to return goods:
  • * The same test items are attached with the goods, or you can have a chance to listen and try them before you receive the audio-visual discs and software.
  • * Without prejudice to your inspection of goods, you will damage the packaging of goods, remove seals, remove hanging tags, remove stickers or remove labels, etc.
  • * The goods are not well packed, damaged, damaged or incomplete.
  • * Before you receive the goods, you have been provided with the opportunity to inspect the goods.
  • * Other reasons which are necessary or may be attributable to you for exceeding the inspection may cause damage, loss or alteration of the goods.
  • 4. If you have obtained the paper invoice, please return it together when returning the goods.
  • 5. Please wrap the returned goods properly in cartons used by the delivery company. If the original cartons are lost, please wrap them in other cartons besides the original packaging. Do not paste paper or write directly on the original packaging. If the original packing is damaged, the goods will not be returned or the damaged expenses will be deducted from the refund.
  • 6. When you apply for return and exchange, please take the initiative to ask the freight forwarder for the documents, and keep them until the return and exchange are completed, so as to facilitate future inquiries.


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Retro first layer real cowhide zipper multi-card short men's wallet




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